Protecting breach of personal information - our privacy policy

Protecting your privacy is a priority in our list of commitments. This Privacy Policy page is designed to provide you with full disclosure on how your data is collected and processed while you are on our website. Here, you will find the outline of your privacy rights and the details on how you can reach out to us.

Who We Are

Qaabil Digital made this platform connect with random visitors, possible clients, and businesses interested in checking out our services. We also want to share information about Qaabil Digital. We want our visitors to see the information casually from our site and utilize it to communicate directly to Qaabil Digital. Following the policy, we have control over all the processed personal information.

Therefore, when you visit our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and the gathering of your personal information during the duration of your visit. If you do not agree with our policy, please leave the website now.

If obtaining your consent is needed to process information such as for direct marketing projects, we will seek your consent to process the concerned data.

Data We Collect

Qaabil Digital only gathers data that is required to provide visitors the advantages of our site. We also use this data to communicate our services conveniently.

You will see below some of the data that we can gather during your visit to our website:

  • The personal information you directly give in emails and forms such as your phone number, email address, complete name, job, and address, among many others.
  • Information about your web activity or behavior during your visit and data about your navigation on our website.
  • Statistics about the pages you visit, number of particular site records, the browser you used to visit the site, the platform used, and your screen resolution.

Ways We Use This Data

We utilize the collected data solely to optimize our services, business purposes, and site maintenance.

Customer and visitor information will be utilized in the following:

  • To respond to queries and send promotions and requests.
  • To develop a better website experience for your next visit.
  • To suggest specific content based on your previous use or trends on web behavior from other visitors of the site or other research.
  • To customize special offers or show specific content through newsletters, personalized pages, and recommendations.
  • To reach out to our visitors through other communication platforms such as social media, telephone, email, and other networks. You have the choice not to receive any of this content. However, we can utilize your information in other campaigns to improve our communication with other visitors.
  • For internal use so that we can analyze our marketing strategies, current customers, and previous agreements.
  • To follow the legal requirements for data that can be used for legal proceedings.

Processed personal information by Qaabil Digital is not accountable to automated decision-making and profiling.

Who We Share Your Information with

We may disclose your personal information to our partners and service providers who help us with our operations, affiliated companies, and legal offices during the course of our business.

Your Rights

We focus on being fully transparent on how we utilize your personal information and allow users to change, correct, remove, and limit the use of your personal information.

Here are some of your rights to data protection:

  • The right to know about the use and collection of personal data. You can request access to us anytime and ask for a copy of your personal data in electronic format.
  • The right to ask for information on the intent of process data on 3rd parties that can get your personal information
  • The right to request to use to make changes to outdated or incorrect information
  • The right to limit processing. This means that you can request to have your personal data deleted or ask us not to process your personal data anytime.
  • The right to have flexibility in your personal data
  • The right to object or make a justification in processing your personal information
  • The right to retract consent of processing your information anytime if you provided us with consent before for the processing of your personal information

You may practice these rights by forwarding a request to any of our listed contacts. If you have any complaints on how your data is processed, please file a complaint with your area's right data protection authority.

Where the Data Is Processed

Your personal information can be processed in different places outside the US and the EU. Each location has different standards for data protection. Nevertheless, we will do all the measures to ensure that your data is secure and handled well, following the highest standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, industry standards, and our Privacy Policy.


Generally, our website utilizes cookies to gather data and give visitors a better website experience. Cookies are special data pieces that are found in your computer to help identify a website when you visit it the next time. Cookies gather data that is not personally identifiable, such as operating system, domain name, visit time, most viewed pages, web interactions, location, and internet browser of choice.

When you accept our Privacy Policy and stay on Qaabil Digital website, you agree to let our website use your cookies. You can clean or disable your cookies from your browser's setting to remove the data and prevent it from being gathered.

External Links

Our website might have some external links connected to 3rd-party websites. These websites are independent, so they are not included in our Privacy Policy. The information you share on a 3rd-party website that came from the Qaabil Digital website is included in that website's privacy policy. Therefore, that website can use your data for its own purposes. Qaabil Digital is not accountable for the information processed by 3rd-party websites, so we cannot assure your information's safety when interacting with these websites.

Contact Information

For questions and comments about our Privacy Policy and our usage terms, you can send us an email at with the subject, "Privacy Policy Concern."

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