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This Serves as an Agreement Between You and the Organization You Represent (hereafter "You" or "Your") and Qaabil Digital (henceforth "Qaabil Digital") About the Usage of Qaabil Digital Suite for Online Business Collaboration and Productivity Program.

Elements of the Agreement

The agreement includes the General Terms and Service Specific Terms. Both of these terms and conditions are collectively called Terms. If there is a conflict between them, the Service Specific Terms will be followed.

Terms Acceptance

You must be of legal age before you can take part in a binding agreement to agree with the Terms.

Service Description

Qaabil Digital provides many services for collaboration and management online, including quiz application, chat client, word processor, application, project management application, and customer relationship management application. You can utilize these for personal or business purposes.

Beta Service Subscription

We offer special Services as open beta or closed services. These will be referred to as Beta Service or Beta Services, and their purpose is for testing and assessment. You agree that we have the exclusive authority and judgment to decide on the duration of testing and assessment of Beta Services. Therefore, we are the only ones who can determine the success of Beta Services becoming commercial services.

Terms of Service Changes

We can make changes to the terms and notify you any time by making a service announcement or sending an email to your provided address. You will be notified at least 30 days in advance if the changes can affect your rights.

You also have the option to terminate the use of our services by sending Qaabil Digital an email within 30 days. If your termination is accepted, you can get a prorated refund for the unused services you pre-paid.

User Sign Up Responsibilities

You need to register for a user account by giving all the needed information so that you can use or access our services. Suppose you provide incomplete, outdated, untrue, or inaccurate information. In that case, Qaabil Digital can terminate your account and reject the current and future utilization of some or all of our services.

Accounts and Administrators Management

When you register for your organization's account, you can indicate 1 or more administrators. The administrators can make changes to the services depending on your needs. They can also manage end-users in the account.

Personal Information and Privacy

When you provide personal information to Qaabil Digital, it is governed by our privacy policy. Your choice to utilize our services means that you accept our terms. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your information and all the activities that take in your account. You also agree to let us know if there are unauthorized activities in your account. Qaabil Digital is not responsible for any unauthorized use of your user account.

Communications from Qaabil Digital

The services can include specific communications from Qaabil Digital, such as administrative messages, newsletters, and announcements. You have an understanding that these communications are part of the services. Since privacy is included in our policy, you have the right not to receive any newsletters from us. Nonetheless, you cannot choose not to receive disclosures and official messages.


If we get a complaint from any individual about your use of our services, we will send the complaint to your email address. You have to respond within 10 days and copy Qaabil Digital in the communication. If you do not respond within that period, we can provide your personal information to the complainant so that legal action can be processed.

Fees and Payments

The services available under subscription plans have different durations. When the subscription plan has less than a year of duration, you can only make payments through a credit card. It will be renewed automatically at the end of each subscription period except when you choose to downgrade your paid plan to a free subscription. You can also reach out to us if you do not want to renew your subscription. The payment for the automatic renewal will be charged to the credit card you last used.

Usage Restrictions

Aside from all the terms and conditions stated in this agreement, you should not do the following as well:

  • Transferring the services so that they can be available to a third party
  • Providing any service using Qaabil Digital's services without asking for a written permission
  • Using third-party links to sites without an agreement to the website's terms and conditions
  • Uploading links to third-party websites or using their logos and brand name, among others, without written authorization
  • Publishing private or classified details that belong to other individuals or entities without their consent
  • Using the services in a way that could damage, overwhelm, harm, impair, or disable the server, network, computer system, and other resources of Qaabil Digital.
  • Violating the local, state, or national, or international laws
  • Creating a false identity causing a person to be misled in the communications

Spamming and Illegal Activities

You agree to be the only one responsible for your transmission of content through our services. You also agree not to utilize our services illegally or for sending materials that can be defamatory, libelous, unlawful, harassing, abusive, privacy invasion, pornographic, vulgar, obscene, or objectionable.

Also, you cannot use our services in transmissions that offend religions, contain harmful codes or viruses, support racism, and infringe or violate the intellectual property or rights of others.

Policy on Inactive User Accounts

Qaabil Digital has the right to terminate unpaid accounts that have been inactive for 90 days straight. When there is a need to terminate any account, all the information in that account will be erased. We will give you a notice of the termination and recommendations on how you can save your information. The deletion of data policy can be executed in all the services provided by Qaabil Digital.

Ownership of Data

We understand that you have all the right of ownership to the content you made and stored. Therefore, you own this content. Except for the ones you have specific permission for, your use of Qaabil Digital's services does not give the company the right to use, release, change, adapt, distribute, or reproduce the content you created and stored in your account.

Qaabil Digital cannot use your user account for marketing, commercial, and other uses. Nevertheless, you give Qaabil Digital permission to publicly access, distribute, store, send, reformat, copy, and display and perform your user account's content. This is required since it is included in the services provided to you.

Generated Content by Users

You can send or publish content that you created using any of our services. Nevertheless, you will be the only one accountable for that content and the likely transmission and publication consequences. Any content you release online can be accessed by the public through the internet and accessed and indexed by search engines through crawlers. You are responsible for making sure that you do not release any private information on the Internet.

Sample files and Applications

Qaabil Digital can give sample files and applications to effectively demonstrate our services' possible use for special purposes. The data included in these sample files and applications have random information. Qaabil Digital has no expressed or implied warranty to the correctness, completeness, reliability, or accuracy of the information or the files and applications themselves.


Qaabil Digital, the Qaabil Digital logo, and the names used for the services and the logos are trademarks of Qaabil Digital. You agree that you cannot use or display in any form Qaabil Digital's trademarks without the company's permission.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You completely understand and agree that using Qaabil Digital's services is your risk. The company does not have a responsibility as to what may happen during your use of the services.

Liability Limitation

You agree that Qaabil Digital is not, in any event, responsible for any incidental, indirect, punitive, or consequential damage or loss.


You guarantee and do not hold Qaabil Digital and its employees, suppliers, affiliates, officers, and directors liable against any fines, damages, expenses, or losses that can result from claims that you violated another party, any law, or the Terms' provisions. The exception to this is when there is authorization from Qaabil Digital.


Any claims or controversies related to the Terms will be settled by requisite settlement following the American Arbitration Association's commercial arbitration rules. The claim or controversy needs to be arbitrated exclusively. Moreover, there will be no consolidation in any arbitration for controversies or claims from other parties.

Discontinuing and Termination

We have the right to temporarily cease your account or disable your access to some or all of the services if we suspect your account is engaging in illegal activities, unexplainable long periods of inactivity, or requests from law enforcement agencies or government offices.

If you want to object to the suspension or disabling of your account, you can send a message to legal@Qaabil Digital.com within 30 days of receiving the suspension notification. We can suspend or terminate your account after 30 days. We can also terminate your account when you request it.

Termination of Terms of Service

If you have questions or concerns about this agreement, please do not hesitate to send us a message at legal@qaabildigital.com.

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